Experience a spiritual journey with the monks! 

Thailand is one of the world's greatest magnets for curious travelers. 


In between the busy and crowded cities, the Asian nation features a a deep devotion to Buddhism, exemplified by eye-catching temples lavishly decorated with golden Buddha statues, simple shrines, and lively religious festivals celebrated throughout the country.   

This is a rare opportunity for the wanderers to unravel the mystery of the land of smiles by diving deep into their culture with the masters who carry along the ancient heritage of buddhist traditions since centuries. Live their lives, chant with them, learn the secret way of meditation for the inner peace, and do good for the community.


Learn the art of meditation from the buddhist monks and connect with your soul. 

Take a spiritual journey in the life of buddhist monks, learn their chants and culture.

Stay in the temple and  cleanse your body and soul with divinity.

Explore the bustling city of Bangkok and find out why they call it Land of Smiles!

Free stay and meals in the temple. Do good for the community.

The Land of Yellow Robes

The official religion in Thailand is Theravada Buddhism, practiced by more than 95% of the population. There are some 300,000 monks living in the Land of Smiles. Their yellow and orange robes are very recognizable in a sea of modern-day clothing. Every man in Thailand is required to become a monk for a period of time when they are 20 years old. Though the expected time length is about three months, some will stay as little as a day or two. “Phra” is the prestigious title for the monks in Thailand. Many monks who become ordained for their entire lives serve as scholars or teachers. Thailand's chief Buddhist monk is known as the Supreme Patriarch. Abbots are high ranking monks. They are typically well educated or have some other skill that commands respect.

Buddhist Temple, Bangkok

Phra Wisudthiwaraphon

Director of the Sunthon Phu Museum & Facilitator of this Program

He became a monk 33 years ago. He was educated at the Sukhothai Thammathirat Open University (Bachelor Degree) and Naresuan University (Master's Degree). His position in the temple is assistant abbot, Director of the Sunthon Phu Museum and Pali teacher. He is also known as TV presenters (Buddhism for world peace) and he preaches on radio stations. Other than that, he also work on Dharma lectures and regular Buddhist activities. He is an activist monk who likes to interact with tourists and spread a positive vibe with his friendly, humble and charismatic personality

The Story Behind

By Gandharv Sharma, Co-Facilitator of this Program 

I met honorable Phra Wisudthiwaraphon in Bangkok in 2018. It was a coincidence how we met and he welcomed me to his temple. It was my first encounter with a monk, I had no idea what they are like, what's their lifestyle and how they see the world. I found him as a very interesting man and a social person. We had a nice conversation, he taught me a few things about Buddhist culture and after my return from Bangkok I came up with this idea of giving this opportunity to travelers to explore Thai culture from its roots. Phra Wisudthiwaraphon graciously welcomed the idea and with his blessing we offer this lifetime experience to travelers to explore beyond and find your inner peace.  

What To Expect?

Rejuvenate your mind and soul with daily chantings, meditation while living in pure vibes of the temple.

Learn religious activities of the temple and Buddhist culture. Visit various temples in Bangkok. 

Practice cooking Thai food and learn the culture of offering food to the monks. 

Engage in the community service, like teaching English to students, visiting poor people in the community. Help the community to live better. 

You can stay only up to 5 Days in the temple. Maximum 5 guests are allowed at a time. Age group: between 20 to 50. Rooms and Food is provided at the temple, free of charge. 

Rules of Staying at the Temple 

  • Get up at 5 o’clock to do morning chants with the monks. 

  • Practice sitting meditation and walking meditation for forty minutes (sitting meditation twenty minutes and walking meditation twenty minutes) after morning chanting every day.  

  • Evening chanting with the monks at 7 o’clock in the evening. 

  • Practice sitting meditation and walking meditation for forty minutes (sitting meditation twenty minutes and walking meditation twenty minutes) after evening chanting every day.

  • Breakfast is served at 8 o’clock in the morning.

  • Lunch is served at noon.

  • Do not consume alcohol and any kind of drugs during your stay at the temple.

  • Ask for permission before going outside the temple.

  • Everyone must respect the monks. 

  • If you violate the rules, you may be let out of the temple.

Why are we doing this?

For me traveling is more than just exploring the places. I like to dive into the cultural spirit and the local lifestyle of the places. Thailand is known for many things and buddhism is one of those things. Phra Wisudthiwaraphon has dedicated his life to spread the positive light through the preaching of Buddhism. We decided to share our mutual interest for creating an unusual experience for tourists in Thailand. We are doing this because we believe in humanity and peace. Positive vibes only. 

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