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Instagram post of Travel With Gandharv
Instagram post of Travel With Gandharv
Instagram post of Travel With Gandharv

Exploit Quarantine (COVID-19)

Updated: May 15

Exciting-Easy-To-Follow Activities At Home

29th March 2020, It has been 3 weeks already since COVID-19 has disrupted the world’s routine. The situation is worse in some parts of the world than in the others. But most commonly, countries are getting locked down and people will be stuck in their homes. I live in Dubai, UAE. It’s been 7 days since I have been at home. My Friends in Italy and Poland are suffering this since more than 2 weeks already. Following social distancing and living, socially isolated. Obviously, it isn’t a great feeling at all. However, I read some place that if we try we can find positivity even in the darkest act. Along these lines, rather than feeling pitiful about being socially far off, here are some personal recommendations that I would like to share with you if you are reading this blog.

I chose to make the best of this time at home, as: learn something new, do something fun, begin something which I never got time for or possibly brush up an old hobby.

Learn Guitar at Home

I recently found this website where you can learn guitar at home. No need to go anywhere. Simply sign-up with and follow the step by step guide. It’s really fun learning guitar here and am just waiting to play my favorite tunes soon.

Record Music

I have used this free software for years to record my voice over instrumental audio. The name is "Audacity”, accessible for Mac and windows both. Download free instrumental tracks from YouTube or any site and start recording your voice over your favorite tracks like a professional.

Learn a New Language

Download Duolingo App and start learning fast and easy. Perhaps, you can also find ,free tutorials on YouTube for the language that you wished to learn since long. C'mon give it a try! 

Cook New Recipes

Cooking is fun! Women like men who can cook, so am just brushing up my skills. Ha-ha. YouTube got so many videos to learn delicious recipes. I make the most of my evenings in the kitchen with a glass of wine and working on becoming a master chef ;)

Learn a new skill, Photoshop suits me

Well, this is what I have needed to learn since long. Once again YouTube has it all. Free tutorials to learn Adobe Photoshop like a pro.

I Write New Blogs

This is the best time for me to pen down some old travel stories. Subscribe and stay tuned to for some interesting travel tales.

Practice Yoga

Yoga heals your mind and body. Yoga is increasingly gainful when you do with a free psyche and this is the best time for it as we have less outside interruptions.

Read a book

If reading is your thing! Do you have the book already in your hand?

Things that am not doing, perhaps you can try

  • Connect with your old mates, for whom you haven’t got time since long because of your usual hectic schedule.

  • Play online board games with your fellas

  • Workout at home! This would be great if I could follow it too. Be that as it may, I have drawn in myself with other fascinating things

  • Do something creative, like painting or home photography

  • Take an online study course

Share your ideas and let's spread the positive vibes around us. This time is bad for business, however it's good for everything else!

I am waiting to hear your ideas…




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