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Instagram post of Travel With Gandharv
Instagram post of Travel With Gandharv
Instagram post of Travel With Gandharv

Travel Magic - How I Discovered the Undiscovered in Me!

Updated: Jun 27

"I walked an extra mile because I was lost and that's when I discovered myself" - Gandharv Sharma

The Turning Point : 2016

I was broken and had lost every one of my interests. It was 21st March 2016, Dubai. I was setting up my resignation letter while I was attempting to make sense of genuine words for it, in the back of my mind I was reasoning how life is going to be on the off chance that I leave this job now. I am 27 and right now essentially messed up in my brain. I read it some place that morning "Do what you love and you will never work a day in life" and I began reasoning would could it be that I want to do. I had no idea. I was blank. I didn't have the foggiest idea what I truly wanna do, however I was almost certain that I unquestionably don't need this what I have been doing since recent years. I was picked by my work, I didn't pick it. All I knew is I need to escape from here and find myself!

I took a flight and returned to India.

Now I was free from all the hassles, had some cash spared in my bank account so I was essentially alright. Having gone through a week at home I began intending to do each one of those things which I constantly needed to do however never gave myself time for it. I am vocalist, I want to travel, adventures, sports, music, so where do I begin from, so I pursued the thing which I cherish the most and that is traveling.

2007 : When & Where did it Start? - The Paradise

July 2007, New Delhi International Airport, I was anxious and similarly amped up for this adventure. my first solo trip and I was travelling to Mauritius. 7:30 hours flight from Delhi to Mauritius kept me all energized and I couldn't get a rest notwithstanding for a second. Mauritius was delightful.  I nearly explored it all in the first week as its a little island. Gorgeous beaches, green mountains, green fields, all nature around me! I loved it.

2009 : The City of London

I was excited to meet my brother there and no doubt it was London, used to be my dream city. 12 hours direct flight from Mauritius to London was the longest air travel I did in my life up till now 2019. I was there at the best time of the year December - January. While people in London were loosing their jobs in recession, I was getting a charge out of the subsidence shopping deals. One fine day I pressed my bag pack and began my walking tour in the core of the city. I feel nostalgic as am writing about it. But let's skip London for now as there is a whole other world to this story.

2012 - 2016 : Saudi Arabia & Dubai - In the Land of Deserts!

I landed up in the Middle East, spent a lifetime there. I was a HR Professional and I did pretty good at work. I hated Saudi Arabia, it wasn't a place for a guy like me but I had to stick there for 3 years for money, for a career. Then I moved to Dubai and there I realized this isn't happening. I wanted a change. 

2016 : The Himalayas, India

It's been a week I am back from my 1 month trip from THE HIMALAYAS. I am all fresh and I know what I want from my life and what my passion is and how I want to take my life forward from this point. That's what I call the Magic of Travelling!

Read how it all happened and how I Discovered myself in Himalayas in blog " The Himalayan Chronicle"

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