Instagram post of Travel With Gandharv
Instagram post of Travel With Gandharv
Instagram post of Travel With Gandharv
Instagram post of Travel With Gandharv

Land of Happiness

Updated: May 15

My life changed when I stopped making plans :) I just went with the flow. I know, not all of us get a chance to do that, so all I can say, I was shouldered by destiny and a little courage.

Since I had no plan so I welcomed everything that came across my way, I become a YES MAN and I said YES to that trip. I travelled for fun and to enjoy with friends, but when I returned back after a month I was a different man altogether. I discovered the undiscovered in me.

I learned a few basics of happy life:

1. Do what you love, follow ur heart.

2. If it isn’t happening as per your plan, then be assured a divine force is protecting you.

3. You just have to smile

I realised that constant thing that I have been doing since past 10 years - changing places, different time zones, new friends, new life - basically travelling. I summed up everything I love to do and it all connected at one junction - TRAVELLING

I get a big smile on my face when someone says Let’s Travel. Travelling made me realise that this whole World is a family. All are my Amigos :) It’s so easy to make friends with just a smile. I feel travel makes us a better human being and eventually makes this World a better place.

Now I don’t believe in wasting time on thinking what my heart tells me to do, because it never leads me wrong. Who knows this was the last moment to do that thing and it may never comes back again.

Travelling, actually has changed my thought process. As a human we do make assumptions, which is common, but we should know our assumption is not the conclusion.

Today, I didn’t decide to write what all I have written till now. The purpose was diferent actually, but then I thought I must share from where this all came from :)

So, what I wanted to say today is,

I wish I could speak to the World

We could gather in a common land, where no one needs a visa or a passport.

Where no one is American, European, Asian or any national, only citizens of the world. Where the borders are not protected by Army, instead we have the Welcome Gates for free walk in :)

Where wifi is not needed for connection, people connect with smiles :)

Where there is no time zone to calculate our life, be it a day or a night, we live alike :)

Where music travels with the winds.

Where there is no religion, no caste, no creed, only Humanism is followed.

Where hunger is only for food. We work only to sustain. Where nobody works to just earn a living, but they do what they love to do.

Where people don't Stare, but they Care. No one asks who you are, but unknowingly they value you.

Where there is no seperate coach for women in a metro, they feel safe and respected with men!

Where no one is special or less, all are One in one land! Where people make friends.

Where nature is at its best.

I really wish I could speak to the World at such a place!

May be in dreams ;)

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