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Pattaya - Budget | Tips | Guide

Updated: Jun 27

4 - 5 Days is an adequate time to have an unwinding visit in Pattaya.

Vital Facts

  1. On-Arrival Visa in Thailand Costs - Thai Baht (THB) 2,000 (For Normal Entry, which implies you got to remain in the queue which could be long). Other option is to get Express Entry Visa at cost of additional 200 THB.

  2. Carry 2 passport size photos in white background for On-Arrival Visa , or else you should get it at the airport at cost of 200 THB.

  3. Get the Calling/Data Sim Card at the Airport itself.

  4. Swaasdeka (sounds like swathika) - that is the way they invite you in Thailand!

  5. Khapun Khap - implies Thank You!

  6. Massage is less expensive in Pattaya over Bangkok.

  7. 24/7 Retail Store - "Seven Eleven"

  8. Carry US Dollars to get a better value for your money. Do not exchange at the Airport as they give a very low value. 

Bangkok (Airport/City) to Pattaya

The least expensive approach to head out from Bangkok to Pattaya is by Volvo Bus which costs 108 THB. You can get the Bus from the Airport or Bangkok City Bus Station. The transports leave in like clockwork. Takes around 2 hours from Bangkok Airport and 3 hours from the City. You can either purchase the Bus ticket at the ticket counter or book online ahead of time at The Bus will drop off at Pattaya Bus Station and from that point you can hire a taxi or tuk tuk to your hotel.


You can enlist a private Taxi (drop off at your hotel in Pattaya) from the Bangkok Airport or the City at the cost of approximately 1200 THB. You may discover a little change in price with various vendors. You can book a taxi either at the airport or with your hotel or online.

Where to stay?

Pattaya city is stacked with huge number of inns/resorts/lodgings. The best place is to remain close to the Walking Street. Before booking, look through your hotel on google maps and perceive how far it is from the Walking Street. As you remain nearer to the Walking Street (The Hot Spot of Pattaya), you appreciate the best markets/clubs/eateries/rub parlors at a walkable distance. I stayed in Hotel Siam Bayshore in Pattaya which is a beautiful resort with beachfront and 5 star facilities ( The best part about the property is that the back door of this resort opens exactly at the Walking Street, so you can without much of a stretch stroll down to your hotel after your party hours. For best lodging rates, I would exceedingly recommend which is broadly known.

How to travel in Pattaya?

Transportation isn't a stress at all in Pattaya. Taxicabs are shabby and effortlessly accessible.

Be that as it may, according to me the most ideal approach to travel and explore Pattaya is to rent a motorbike. It is extremely convenient to lease a motorbike in Pattaya. The rental shop would request a copy of your passport and hotel details. The bike would cost you around 200 THB for each day (24 hours) with a refundable security deposit of 1000 THB. You can fill the fuel tank with 100 THB and simply make the most of your boundless ride. You would understand one more advantage of the motorbike when you can surpass all the evening traffic, while tuk tuk/cars/autos anticipates in the queue!

Important Tip: Do not give your passport as security for leasing a bike if any rental shop requests it. Simply go to another vendor.

Meal & Beverage

A bottle of beer from an ordinary grocery store would cost you 80 THB roughly. In a bar or a club it might vary from 100 THB to 250 THB.

You can set a rough budget of 200 THB per person for a regular supper. Street food is exceptionally cheap and delicious and one must try it when in Thailand.


After a long visiting day you will feel blissful to have an awesome foot rub at the cost of 150 - 200 THB for 60 minutes. Body massage costs 300 - 500 THB.

What Pattaya holds for you?

1. Coral Island (otherwise called Koh Larn) - You have to buy a tour package to go to Coral Island Pattaya. A Half Day Tour (by Speedboat ride of 30 mins to Coral island with Lunch) would cost you 500 THB. A Full Day Tour (by Speedboat to Coral Island with Lunch and some Water Activities) would cost your 1000 THB roughly.

2. Motorbike Tour of Coral Island - You can lease a bike at Coral Island for 300 THB for the entire day and explore the entire island in the most adventurous way. On the bike tour you'll enjoy the fabulous views of the shorelines from the hills of the island and explore diverse beaches.

3. Big Buddha Hill (otherwise called Wat Phra Yai) - Free Entry (Opens at 7 am to 10 pm, best time to visit is in morning or before sunset).

4. Pattaya Walking Street - Free Entry (Best time to visit after 9 pm)

5. Closseum Show Pattaya - VIP Ticket of the Show cost 1000 THB and Deluxe Ticket cost 800 THB

6. Pattaya Night Bazaar (Night Market) - Opening hours:  6 pm to 12 am

7. Pattaya View Point (also called Pratumnak Hill) - Get the best view of the Pattaya Bay and the City from here. Best to time to go is between 4 pm to 6 pm to watch the lovely dusk from the best.

8. Pattaya Floating Market - Opening Hours are 10 am to 11 pm. Best time to visit is between 3 to 5 pm.

9. Buddha Mountain (Khao Chi Chan) - Opening hours are 8 am to 5 pm. Best time is to visit is in morning.

10. Silverlake Vineyard - Vineyard with serene and romantic environment - Free Entry (Opening hours 9 am to 6 pm). The Vineyard is located beside the Buddha Mountain. Vineyard tour costs 250 THB, includes tour by electric tram and 2 glasses of wine.

Do's and Don'ts

1. Keep your ID's and Cards in your hotel while moving out in the night or any swarmed put.

2. In the event that you are taking a bike or a car on rent, dependably keep your driving license with you as you are probably going to confront the traffic police anytime. Driving without permit will get you a base fine of 400 THB.

3. Advisable to carry an umbrella, mists can shower whenever!

Thanks for reading! Khapun Khap!

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