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Resurgence of Coronavirus Cases in Europe (Second Wave)

Updated: Oct 3

Not only the UK, France, and Spain, the number of coronavirus cases are rising again in the most Europe. Does this mean Europe faces a danger of the second wave?

What are the potential explanations behind the rising cases in these countries? What measures these countries are taking for the containment of virus and forestall another lockdown. March-April 2020 were the hardest months for the world economy. The world was nearly on a temporary shutdown. Many industries endured huge losses and some are still confronting the outrageous impact. It is hard to imagine another lockdown as we are as yet recuperating from the losses of the first one. Besides the economic impact of the pandemic, world’s health is still at risk.

It may not be wrong to say that people in Europe are more negligent about social distancing, as it has been seen in various posts on social media, how people are avoiding masks and physical distancing in crowded public areas. People are actively traveling within Europe. European authorities has eased the travel restrictions, which is a good restart for the tourism industry but travelers must take the necessary precautions to abstain from adding to the reason for second wave of coronavirus.

People walking on a touristic spot in Gdansk, City in Poland (Photo taken on 4th August 2020)

After several months of restrictions and lockdown, people want to come back to the normal life and it is very reasonable. However, we should act mindful and should not lack in taking the precautionary measures outlined as per the social distancing guidelines. We are all responsible for the recovery from the crisis the world is facing now.

Let’s look at the virus statistic of these European nations. This Data is collected from

You can see a drastic increase in the Covid-19 cases from June to August in all of these countries. This Data presents a high alert for these europeans nations to act swiftly on the measures to prevent another chaos.

Daily New Cases in Poland

Daily New Cases in Ukraine 

Daily New Cases in Czech Republic

Daily New Cases in Romania

Daily New Cases in Croatia

Daily New Cases in Serbia

Daily New Cases in Slovakia

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