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Instagram post of Travel With Gandharv
Instagram post of Travel With Gandharv

How to Travel during Covid19

Updated: Oct 5

Rule No. 1

Before you travel abroad, please read the full tourism guidelines of the country on their tourism board website. Why? So, the answer is : Different countries are taking different measures to control the virus, for example if you are traveling to Maldives, you must book the entire stay of your vacation at one hotel property. You cannot move to another property after the check-in! So, make sure you read the guidelines by tourism authority before you make your bookings.

Rule No. 2

Before you make a hotel booking online on a website like or others, please call the hotel and ask them if they are operational. Many hotel properties are temporary shutdown due to the setback of the crisis and many hotel properties has reduced the hotel occupancy to control the risk factors. Save yourself from the trouble of refunds and cancellations.

Rule No. 3

Do not book a flight through an unrecognized online travel portal for cheap fares. Flights schedules and travel restriction are volatile. Let’s say for some reason your flight gets cancelled by the airline, then you’ll struggle a lot to get the refund or to alter your itinerary as you purchased the ticket through an online agent. So at this time it's better to buy the flight tickets directly through Airline website or through travel management companies.

Rule No. 4

Please do a PCR Covid test before you travel and do carry your test certificate with you while traveling. Mostly, the test results are considered valid within 48 hours before your travel. You might be asked to provide the negative test certificate at the airport before departure and also once you arrive at the destination.

For the safety, comfort, and to save the money of the customers, many airlines has partnered with recognized hospitals that offers a discounted price to the airline customers. Check that before you book your flight.

Rule No. 5

Please do no forget to buy a travel insurance before you travel. This is crucial more than ever now!

Bon Voyage!

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