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Not Just a Packing Guide

Updated: Aug 9

Traveling is fun but it can also be painful if you are not careful about your packing checklist and certain arrangements that you must make before the travel. Here is a smart travel guide covering the minutest details of all the resources and pre-departure precautionary steps to save you from the predetermined hassles and last minute panic. 

Following is a detailed guide for any kind of a trip, taken at any destination, at any time of the year and by any kind of a traveler.

The Ultimate Travel Guide includes:

  1. Packing Essentials

  2. Pre-Departure Checklist 

  3. Airport Control

  4. Travel Entertainment 

  5. Required Travel Mobile Apps


Be it a road trip, bag packing trip, budget trip or a luxury travel. Here is the list of essentials that you shouldn’t miss out. 

  • Universal Travel Adapter

  • Device Charger

  • Car Charger

  • Ear Plugs

  • Power Bank (never keep in check-in bag for Air-travel) 

  • Neck Pillow

  • Dental Kit

  • Sewing Kit

  • Sanitizer (you also might want to carry a toilet seat sanitizer spray)

  • Emergency first aid kit 

  • Pad lock

  • Sun glasses/hat 

  • Wet wipes or a dry tissue pack 

  • Jacket/Warmer/travel blanket (if you are traveling in flight, this could be useful) 

  • One extra small bag pack (for any unplanned day trips) 


  • Activate international roaming on your Sim (If you are travel aboard). 

  • Online web-check-in, 

  • Select in-flight meal (if you don’t, then you’ll be served a non-veg meal by default which could be any kind of a meat).

  • Select your flight seat.

  • Know your airline baggage policy. 

  • Travel Insurance (normally people ignore this, but as they say prevention is better than cure).


  • Wear comfortable clothes and shoes. 

  • Try to avoid metal belts or any kind of metal accessories (you’ll have to take them off at the airport security check-in, and this causes unnecessary inconvenience).

  • Keep safe your boarding pass and airline luggage tag till the time you arrive at your destination and clear immigration control.

  • Keep the hotel booking in your phone and a printed copy to be on a safer side (for immigration purpose on a  foreign land).


  • Taxi Apps (if you’re traveling abroad then download the local taxi apps, here you might have do a little bit of research). 

  • Download Trip Advisor App (to search for tourist attractions and restaurants).

  • Offline Google Translator (if you are traveling to a place where the language could be a barrier).

  • Google Maps.

  • Hostel World (if you are a bag packer).

  • AirBnb. 

  • Flight aware Flight Tracker (track your flight on real time basis).

  • FlixBus (for road journeys in Europe).


  • Carry a Book (if you like to read).

  • Since internet is erratic while travelling, therefore it is a good idea to download your favourite shows/movies to enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

  • Playing cards/board games (if traveling with friends).

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